OpenAI is implementing watermarks in images generated by DALL-E 3 


TLDR AI 2024-02-07


Headlines & Launches

OpenAI Is Adding New Watermarks To DALL-E 3 (1 minute read)

OpenAI is implementing watermarks in images generated by DALL-E 3, following standards from the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA), to include invisible metadata and a visible CR symbol for provenance verification.
Microsoft Copilot for Sales and Copilot for Service are now generally available (6 minute read)

Microsoft's AI-driven Copilot for Sales and Service is now generally available. It integrates with CRM systems like Salesforce to enhance productivity for sales and service professionals. The tools automate repetitive tasks and provide insights directly within Microsoft 365 apps, aiming to improve customer interactions and streamline business workflows. Early adopters like Avanade report significant time savings and better customer engagement using these AI capabilities.

Research & Innovation

CLIP trained on fully synthetic data (28 minute read)

The removal of large-scale datasets such as LAION, along with valid copyright concerns, makes training large-scale image models challenging. This work shows that you can train a powerful CLIP model with 30 million synthetically generated images.
Tiny Language Models for Mobile (14 minute read)

This research explores how to make powerful language models more suitable for mobile devices by focusing on tiny models with fewer parameters.
New Tools to Tackle Hallucinations in Multimodal LLMs (16 minute read)

Addressing the critical issue of hallucinations in Multimodal Large Language Models (MLLMs), researchers have developed MHaluBench, a new benchmark for evaluating hallucination detection methods.

Engineering & Resources

State of the art background removal (GitHub Repo)

Bria AI has open sourced (non-commercial) its background removal model and tools, including training data mixture and performance metrics. It is a significant improvement over alternative open models.
Create Your Own Video with InteractiveVideo (4 minute read)

InteractiveVideo introduces a novel way of making videos where users can dynamically interact with the creation process. Unlike traditional methods, this user-friendly framework allows for real-time modifications using text, images, painting, and even drag-and-drop.
Mathematical Reasoning in AI (GitHub Repo)

DeepSeekMath 7B is a language model specifically designed to tackle complex mathematical problems. It's been trained on a massive amount of math-focused content.


Open Source 1.3B text to speech model (2 minute read)

The new Meta Voice model is a small and powerful text-to-speech model that supports generation and voice cloning.
AGI Trades (3 minute read)

Advanced AIs like GPT-5 could have significant impacts across markets, real estate, labor, energy, national economies, geopolitics, and the economy's inflationary dynamics, leading to a reevaluation of value accrual, global power shifts, and changes in employment and economic structures.
The Techno-Industrial Revolution (18 minute read)

As AI tooling and business use cases become more sophisticated, we’ll start to see more and more real-world applications of the tech. One lens to look at the opportunity here is how AI will make processes cheaper and more efficient whilst growing margins substantially. This might unlock a whole new way of doing things that previously didn’t make economic sense because margins were too thin. This article explores a few of these examples.

Quick Links

Laxta language models for Basque (3 minute read)

These models have been specifically tuned for Basque on a corpus of around 4B tokens, starting with Llama 2.
Weave (Product)

Create personalized AI workflows without needing to know how to code.
Fabric (GitHub Repo)

An open-source framework for augmenting humans using AI.

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