Meta is laying off 13% of its staff. The company's performance has spooked investors and caused share prices to sink. 

Daily Update 2022-11-10

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Big Tech & Startups

Meta laying off more than 11,000 thousand employees (2 minute read)

Meta is laying off 13% of its staff. The company's performance has spooked investors and caused share prices to sink. Meta's rising costs, as well as its heavy investment into the metaverse, have caused investors to become concerned. Meta anticipates that its losses will grow significantly year-over-year.
Elon Musk outlines ambitious payments vision for Twitter (2 minute read)

Elon Musk outlined his ideas for bringing payments to Twitter during a conversation with advertisers on Twitter Spaces on Monday. The ideas include offering high-yield money market accounts, debit cards, and peer-to-peer transactions. Musk co-founded one of the first online banks,, in 1999. Twitter registered with the US Treasury as a payments processor on Friday.

Science & Futuristic Technology

IBM Unveils New Chip in Push to Realize Quantum Computing’s Promise (4 minute read)

IBM has created a new quantum computing chip with 433 qubits. The company plans to introduce a more than 4,000-qubit system in 2025. Quantum computers will eventually contain millions of qubits. IBM has partnered with Vodafone to investigate ways to use classical computing to defend against future quantum-enabled threats to encryption.
Inside Alphabet X’s new effort to combat climate change with seagrass (14 minute read)

Tidal is a project from Alphabet's moonshot factory that aims to improve our understanding of underwater ecosystems to protect the oceans. The oceans could help pull a sizable share of the billions of tons of carbon dioxide that needs to be removed from the atmosphere. Tidal will initially focus on seagrass, a fast-growing plant that is particularly effective at absorbing carbon dioxide from shallow waters. It is developing tools to monitor coastlines and estimate the growth or loss of biomass to verify that restoration efforts are actually storing away more carbon.

Programming, Design & Data Science

Everything new from GitHub Universe 2022 (16 minute read)

This article covers everything that was announced this week at GitHub's Universe event. Announcements at the event include GitHub Co-Pilot for business, new features in GitHub Codespaces, private vulnerability reports, and much more.
Idiot proof git (3 minute read)

This page contains a set of handy aliases for making git less hard. They allow developers to publish changes, sync branches, update local branches, squash commits, and more, without having to remember complicated strings of commands.
Turn any SQL database into an API and no-code app (Sponsor)

Directus is an open-source platform that installs on top of any SQL database, automatically creating REST and GraphQL APIs and database mirroring. 18,123 GitHub stars and counting, Directus Cloud builds on open-source Directus to provide a production-ready data backbone for your apps.

Check out the GitHub repo.



Elon Musk's Twitter spaces w advertisers (3 minute read)

Elon Musk recently spoke with advertisers over Twitter Spaces. In the talk, he discusses verification, truth, eliminating deception, hate speech, brand safety, moderation, and much more. This Twitter thread follows Musk's presentation and documents everything that was discussed in the meeting. Musk wants Twitter to be a force that points civilization in a positive direction.
Project Eleven: Google is quietly working on a wearable device for preteens as it chases a surging number of younger tech users (2 minute read)

Google is working on a wearable for preteens set to launch sometime in 2024. Project Eleven is designed to help older kids form healthy relationships with their phones and social media. It may include safety features that let parents contact and locate their children. The device would also encourage physical activity. An increasing number of parents are buying wearable devices for their children as they can act as a stepping stone to a cell phone.

Quick Links

Mathematician Yitang Zhang Confirms Partial Solution to Riemann Hypothesis (2 minute read)

Zhang showed the relevant proof formulas by hand using a whiteboard and black marker during an online speech at Peking University on November 8.
Podman Desktop (GitHub Repo)

Podman Desktop is a graphical interface that enables developers to work with containers and Kubernetes.
Why I Left Tech to Pursue Art (5 minute read)

Working in tech was no longer enjoyable and they couldn't imagine spending the rest of their life churning out code.
Kindness, Tech Staffing, and Resource Allocation (3 minute read)

There is an inefficient distribution of people in the tech industry, with some areas that remain chronically understaffed and under-resourced.
Stretch iPhone to its Limit, a 2GiB Model that can Draw Everything in Your Pocket (8 minute read)

Draw Things is a Stable Diffusion implementation that runs on a range of iOS devices.
GitHub stars won't pay your rent (19 minute read)

People aren't motivated to pay for things that are being given away for free.

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