Adobe launched a web version of Photoshop built using web technologies like WebAssembly, web components, and P3 colors 


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 TLDR Web Dev 2023-10-17

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Articles & Tutorials

CSS Findings From Photoshop Web Version (10 minute read)

Adobe launched a web version of Photoshop built using web technologies like WebAssembly, web components, and P3 colors. This article dives into the CSS of the application. Notable findings include the use of an old Photoshop logo in the browser console and CSS techniques such as setting the element to `position: fixed` to prevent scrolling. Flexbox and CSS grid are used throughout the app.
How we optimized package imports in Next.js (5 minute read)

Next.js 13.5 has significant improvements to optimize package imports. This has led to enhanced local development performance and faster production cold starts. It introduces a new feature called "optimizePackageImports" that automates the mapping of imports from barrel files, addressing the challenges previously faced with the "modularizeImports" approach. The performance enhancements observed include faster local development, quicker production builds, and speedier cold starts.
Should you use a Lambda Monolith, aka Lambdalith, for your API? (8 minute read)

This article is a deep dive into the pros and cons of using a monolith Lambda API function versus single-purpose Lambda functions for API routes. A Lambda monolith results in fewer resources to be provisioned, less cold starts, and applies the least privilege permissions at the API level. However, single-purpose functions offer advantages like optimized package sizes, precise IAM role scoping, easier upgrades, and simplified maintenance. Overall, it’s recommended to use a Lambda monolith if you are not using any advanced features of AWS’ REST API Gateway.

Opinions & Advice

Grow or die: How to keep innovating in your career (10 minute read)

It’s challenging to decide when to say “yes” or “no” to opportunities in your career. It’s important to say yes to opportunities that allow you to innovate and learn new things while also avoiding burnout. There are multiple techniques to achieve this, like using the “explore and exploit” principle, A/B testing daily actions, and creating a system to manage the explore-exploit tradeoff effectively.
How to get more interviews, offers, and higher compensation at top tech companies (11 minute read)

To get more interviews, it’s helpful to have referrals and be direct when reaching out to people in your network. To improve your resume, you can address issues like formatting, bullet points, and application volume. Lastly, to excel in interviews and negotiate well, it’s important to use the first five minutes of an interview well and not divulge information prematurely.

Launches & Tools

Insanely Fast Whisper (GitHub Repo)

Insanely Fast Whisper uses OpenAI’s Whisper Large v2 to transcribe 5 hours of audio in less than 10 minutes. The repository provides a pipeline with features like chunked processing, batch size, and return timestamps for precision.
SSH Audit (GitHub Repo)

SSH Audit is a tool for SSH server & client configuration auditing. It features SSH1 and SSH2 protocol server support, historical information from OpenSSH, and a variety of outputs from algorithms.


Why aren't there more 80% jobs? (4 minute read)

“80% jobs” have employees work four days a week instead of five. The benefits of 80% jobs include increased employee satisfaction, reduced burnout, lower attrition, and the opportunity to leverage the combined experience of more employees. Offering 80% jobs should be presented as a choice to employees and could be a valuable option for companies.
Estimates are about time, so let's cut to the chase (6 minute read)

Estimating tasks in software development is difficult. However, it’s still important to estimate in time rather than abstract points. Estimating in time helps provide a clearer understanding of timelines and costs for both internal and external stakeholders, as well as encouraging deeper task analysis.

Quick Links

React Ecosystem in 2024 (15 minute read)

A comprehensive overview of the React ecosystem, from routing to dev tools.
One Easy Way to Optimize React Re-Renders (4 minute read)

This article teaches the concept of reconciliation in React.
Better HTTP server routing in Go 1.22 (5 minute read)

Go 1.22 will have enhanced pattern-matching capabilities within the default HTTP serving multiplexer in the net/http package.
Organizing multiple Git identities (2 minute read)

Conditional inclusion of Git configuration files can be used to manage multiple Git identities.
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